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Roofing, Masonry, etc.

We Do the DetailsThomas & Co. has been in the Renovation business for over two decades in Kingston. We’ve built many additions, and carried out literally hundreds of renovations. (Pictures below.) We emphasize that we do Design work using 3D drawing programs that enable you to "see your addition before you build" and we encourage you to work with us in the design.Projects range from smaller jobs such as decks and porches to total gut & renovations. We do bathrooms and kitchens and have a tight network of subcontractors to get the job done on budget, and on time. We emphasize "No Smoking" and make a fetish of cleaning up.A few Lead Carpenters are at heart of the business. These Leads are highly skilled foremen who make sure the job gets done right. Listen to some comments from our customers:

"Garry is a craftsman of the "old school" who sets high standards for his work. We were terrifically impressed with the quality of his work and with the dedication with which he applied himself to solving many of the technical problems that kept cropping up during the renovations…" Stephen Dukoff

"Yianni and other members of the crew were very helpful in making design decisions. They applied their minds, as well as their technical skills to the job. Yianni was especially friendly and assisted us greatly…" Bill Cannon & Tensia Jwo

"Your Lead carpenter Marc, was an ongoing source of knowledge and help. His work ethic and ability to juggle the sub-trades while leaving us with a still-functioning household will be something we will remember for some time…" The Allens

"While all your people were excellent, we would like to single out Yianni who was with us for most of the project. Not only did he strive for excellence in everything he did, but he went out of his way to meet our needs…" Vic & Marcelle Raymond

"Marc, who supervised the bathroom renovation this summer was skilled, creative, cheerful, invariably unflappable and totally reliable…" Elaine and Bruce Berman

"Your staff of tradesmen who carried out the work, and Mr. Garry Murphy in particular, have impressed us because of their skillfulness, their pleasant manner, and their consideration for our sensitivities and preferences. They were always willing to accommodate our last minute wishes, and went about their work without the use of irritating radios which are unfortunately so common these days…" Jochebed & Dr. Gerald J.S.Wilde

"You staff all seemed very considerate and competent – especially Rick and Garry. We noticed their thoughtfulness as they worked in and around the house…" Cheryl & Al
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