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Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality is a method of letting you walk through this computer model using a VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) viewer. You may have this viewer already on your system. If so, the viewer should automatically start up when you click on the file. If you don't have a VRML viewer, one can be safely downloaded from if you are using Explorer as your browser. Once installed, you can move around the model shown by using your mouse as a joystick. Simply hold down your mouse on the middle arrow below and slide towards the model. This will advance your viewpoint in the direction you drag. You can move through walls and into the house. To change the elevation point, (to get to the 2nd floor, for example) use the other buttons on the control panel. Experiment and have fun. If you get lost click on the black bar on the left to return to your starting point. 

This is a large file and it may take up to five minutes to download, so you have to be patient.

To view this file get the Cosmo viewer by clicking on the link below.

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