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Three New DormersBefore"We would like to relate to you our experiences with Mr. John Thomas and his crew in connection with the major renovation work on or home during the winter and spring of 1998. The renovations included: building three dormers on the second floor, an ensuite bathroom and a portico over our front steps."

"...The Quality of the workmanship was very good. Members of the crew were very helpful in making design suggestions. They applied their minds, as well as their technical skills, to the job. John and his crew were very, very friendly and easy to work with. They were forthcoming themselves with ideas for improvement and/or cost-cutting. John kept us abreast of cost in relation to the pre-approved budget and helped us to make revisions, as necessary, to control costs.


                                                                                             Bill Cannon & Tensia Jwo

Attic RenovationDonna and Michael O'Connor
Dear John:

    We are delighted to provide for you a letter indicating our overall satisfaction with the work that you have undertaken for us over the past twelve years. During that time period you have been involved as our contractor in five separate projects, both large and small. In every circumstance, your attention to all details including project estimates, regular budget review and the tangible workmanship results have been outstanding. All projects were completed on time and within our budget projections.

    Your own personal standards for cleanliness and quality have lessened significantly the normal rigours of household renovations. You have remained attentive and sensitive to our needs and your crew members have always been polite and competent craftsmen.

    Our level of satisfaction has been reflected in our willingness to suggest your name to other friends and colleagues who have contemplated similar projects.


Michael O'Connor


Relocated archKing Street West
Kingston, Ontario
April 22, 1999

To Whom it May Concern

I am pleased to comment on Thomas & Co. - Renovation Contractors based on my personal experience with their work.

Thomas & Co. did extensive renovations within our home during the last two years. In our preliminary discussions, while construction was going on and after the work was complete I would note the following:

  • initial estimates were detailed and accurately costed
  • helpful advice, including computer simulations, was given to explore various options and the effect on costs
  • the formal contract was clearly written and inclusive
  • the quality of workmanship was uniformly high and the "job captain" was helpful and innovative in suggesting solutions to problems / alternatives as they appeared
  • extras were clearly identified, costed and approved before work started. In fact, very few were needed or made
  • the site foreman oversaw all aspects of the project, including sourcing and expediting materials, co-ordinating sub trades, necessary permits, inspections etc.
  • regular, ongoing, supervision and consultations took place and the work proceeded in a timely fashion, within the budget
  • meticulous attention was paid to keeping  the work site clean (particularly at the end of each day) and minimizing disruption to adjacent living areas
  • our work was never delayed (removing workers etc.) to accommodate other projects
  • progress bills were presented in a timely fashion and related to the original estimate

From the above it is clear that I would enthusiastically recommend Thomas & Co., both for the professionalism plus the high calibre of their workmanship. We are delighted with the results that were achieved and believe we received good value for the money we spent.

Yours truly,

Alan M. Grant, P.Eng.

New PorticoThis house had an ugly metal awning. The owner wanted to add a sense of lightness and light. We played with various designs for the entry and finally settled on  and designed the arched portico you see.    

The arch was designed to perfectly mimic the brick radius and the spring point (the start of the curve) also coincides exactly with the brick.

The fluted columns were held in place by steel columns that were placed inside and epoxyed into the concrete. The rails and columns are a traditional design that we custom build to fit each porch.  

The roof was done in EPDM, a synthetic rubber material that looks good, is economical to apply, and stands up well.
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