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Feb 28, 1998
By John Thomas

The Kingston Homebuilder’s big Home Show is at the Cataraqui Town Centre this week, Thursday-Sunday.
We’ll be there doing an “Interview with a Renovator.” This is your chance to discuss ideas or problems with a professional with no commitment or charge of any kind.   If you’re planning an addition or renovation, or just want to toss around ideas, and want to be sure of a spot, call ahead for an appointment. 547-6063. We’ll be booking people for 20-minute slots. Bring your plans or magazine pictures. Spring is virtually around the corner. Most renovations require several weeks, if not months of lead time for proper planning. It’s time to get in gear.
Time and again, surveys show that what people want is more professionalism and accountability in the renovation field. Because it’s possible for virtually anyone to call himself or herself a contractor, the field attracts amateurs. Checking references is probably the best way to ensure against incompetence. But to emphasize our long-term commitment, we include a 5-year warranty on all our work. Why take a chance? Renovating is expensive. We do it right and stand behind our work.
A major part of renovating right is having a plan and specification to work from. Many – most people, in fact, come to us with an idea but no accurate plans or concise specifications. That’s okay. But it’s impossible to price a job without accurate plans and specs.  Because most people a) can’t draw their renovation, and b) can’t accurately specify materials, this becomes part of our estimating package. We’ve been doing it for twenty years. We have a CAD program that provides accurate drawings in 3-D, so you can really see the project, and we draw up the specifications required to do an accurate costing. In the trade, this is known as the Design-Build process. We’ll have examples of 3-D drawings at the Home Show.
 The beauty of the Design-Build method is that it works. Because the three critical elements – the design, the specifications, and the estimate - are done in unison, there are no big surprises. You get a job that’s been custom designed to fit your budget, at a guaranteed price.
Hope to see you at the show. We’ll be on the second floor opposite Le Chateau.
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