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Architects: Inglis & Downey

 ". . .Most important, John is insistent on quality. He carefully thinks through a problem before beginning, and the job is not done until it is done right, to the smallest detail. As a builder and a craftsman, John Thomas is a first class professional."

Bob Wolfe,

Aragon Road

Design/Build Addition
Ellerbeck Street
Kingston, Ontario

March 1, 1997

Thomas and Co. recently completed extensive interior renovations and added an addition to our home on Ellerbeck Street.  We are very satisfied with the results of this project and are pleased to recommend Thomas and Co. for the following reasons:

1. Workmanship – All aspects of the project were completed in a professional  manner.

2. Design – We were particularly pleased with the overall design.  John had   excellent ideas and produced plans which allowed us to visualize each stage of the project.  

3. Communication – John listened carefully to our ideas and incorporated them into
the plans.  He was always available for consultation and kept us up-to-date on the progress of each job. 

4. Cleanliness – The premises were maintained in an orderly manner throughout the project.  Gary and Rick were particularly conscious of maintaining a clean work area and cleaned up at the end of each day.

5. Extra Effort – Early in the project we discovered that we needed a variance permit from City Hall.  John prepared and processed all the paperwork and acted as our representative before the committee.

Overall we were very pleased with all aspects of this project.  It was handled in a very professional manner and we would not hesitate to recommend Thomas and Co. to anyone considering a home renovation or addition.


Brian Bontekoe and Janet Robertson
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